With rights

purchase of shares in which the buyer is entitled to the rights to buy shares in the company's rights issue.

Similar financial terms

Withholding tax
The tax payable on payments such as dividends, interest, and debt repayments which are sent to foreign entities. Hence, a tax levied by the country of source on income paid.

Early withdrawal penalty
A penalty on money withdrawn prematurely from a fixed-term investment, such as a tax-deferred pension plan before the age of 59 1/2 in the US.

Without recourse
Without the lender having any right to seek payment or seize assets in the event of default from anyone other than the party (such as a special-purpose entity) specified in the debt contract.

If 50 were bid in the market and there was no offer, the quote would be "50 bid without." The expression "without" indicates a one-way market.

Withdrawal plan
The ability to establish automatic periodic mutual fund redemptions and have proceeds mailed directly to the investor.

Negotiable order of withdrawal (NOW)
Demand deposits that pay interest.

Keep up with the Jones
Strive, especially beyond one's income to socialize and spend like others in the same neighborhood.

Automatic withdrawal
A mutual fund that gives shareholders the right, but not the obligation, to receive a fixed payment from dividends on a quarterly or monthly basis.

Rights issue
An new share issue to existing shareholders giving them the right to buy new shares at a predetermined price.

Issuance of "rights" to current shareholders allowing them to purchase additional shares,usually at a discount to market price. Shareholders who do not exercise these rights are usually diluted by the offering. Rights are often transferable, allowing the holder to sell them on the open market to others who may wish to exercise them. Rights offerings are particularly common to c ...

Voting rights
The right to vote on matters that are put to a vote of security holders. For example the right to vote for directors.

Special drawing rights (SDR)
A form of international reserve assets, created by the IMF in 1967, whose value is based on a portfolio of widely used currencies.

Shares trading with rights attached to them.

Property rights
Rights of individuals and companies to own and utilize property as they see fit and to receive the stream of income that their property generates.

Liquidation rights
The rights of a firm's securityholders in the event the firm liquidates.

Cum rights
With rights.

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Did you know?

Cash deficiency agreement

An agreement to invest cash in a project to the extent required to cover any cash deficiency the project may experience.

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