International Business Company (IBC)

An IBC is a corporation formed (incorporated) under a Company Act of a tax haven, but not authorized to do business within that country of incorporation; intended to be used for global operations. Owned by member(s)/shareholder(s). Has the usual corporate attributes.

Similar financial terms

London International Financial Futures Exchange
London International Financial Futures Exchange (LIFFE) is a London exchange where Eurodollar futures as well as futures-style options are traded.

Bank for International Settlements (BIS)
An international bank headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, which serves as a forum for monetary cooperation among several European central banks, the Bank of Japan, and the U.S. Federal Reserve System. Founded in 1930 to handle the German payment of World War I reparations, it now monitors and collects data on international banking activity and promulgates rules concerning international bank regulation.

International Fiscal Police (INTERFIPOL)
The tax crime counterpart to INTERPOL.

International Financial and Banking Centre (IFC)
A country identified as being a tax haven.

International Criminal Police Organization
Commonly known as INTERPOL. The network of multinational law enforcement authorities established to exchange information regarding money laundering and other criminal activities. Currently more than 130 member nations.

Business cycles
The patterns of fluctuation in growth patterns experienced by business caused by overall econimoc and financial trends, competitive forces and the nature of supply and demand. Cycles are predictable in patterns but not always in durations.

Business ethics
The application of moral standards to business situations.

Basic business strategies
Key strategies a firm intends to pursue in carrying out its business plan.

Business cycle
Repetitive cycles of economic expansion and recession.

Business failure
A business that has terminated with a loss to creditors.

Business risk
The risk that the cash flow of an issuer will be impaired because of adverse economic conditions, making it difficult for the issuer to meet its operating expenses.

PLC (Public Limited Company)
Under UK law there must be a minimum of seven shareholders in a PLC. There is no maximum number of shareholders allowed. Shares in PLCs can be bought or sold on the Stock Market by the general public. By implication, most big companies choose this route to growth as it provides access to large amounts of capital that can be used for investment, expansion and acquisition. Although technically owned by the shareholders, its management determines the affairs of the company. The US equivalents are I ...

Shell Company
This term refers to a company that is listed on the Stock Market but not actively trading. Shell companies can be an attractive proposition for a non-listed company that wishes to gain a listing on the Stock Market through acquisition. Shares in Shell companies are often valued lowly.

Blue-chip company
Large and creditworthy company.

Cost company arrangement
Arrangement whereby the shareholders of a project receive output free of charge but agree to pay all operating and financing charges of the project.

Limited Company
A domestic business company with limited liabilities.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Consists of member owners and a manager, at a minimum. Similar to a corporation that is taxed as a partnership or as an S-corporation. More specifically, it combines the more favorable characteristics of a corporation and a partnership. The LLC structure permits the complete pass-through of tax advantages and operational flexibility found in a partnership, operating in a corporate-style structure, with limited liability as provided by the state's laws.

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Structured debt

Debt that has been customized for the buyer, often by incorporating unusual options.

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